Martin's Mobile Veterinary Services

Barrie ON
Barrie, ON L4M 7G3


Our Team

Dr. J. Martin, BSc, DVM, Veterinarian


Dr. Martin was born and raised in Newfoundland.  He has been practicing veterinary medicine in Barrie since 1997.  

For the first 21 years in Barrie, Dr. Martin was a team member at Barrie Veterinary Hospital. In 2017 he joined the team at Aldergrove to continue to fulfil his foundational belief in practicing good medicine and providing outstanding care for companion animals. His overwhelming love and connection with animals and his calm, caring bedside manner keep his clients and his patients happy and comfortable.

In his spare time Dr. Martin enjoys off road and adventure motorcycling and spending time with his wife Debbie. Dr. Martin has shared his home with many pets over the years, and currently enjoys the company of two delightful cats, Rosie and Easton, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, crowned Miss Taylor, and a small mix-breed therapy dog, Mr. Stuart Little. 



Sharon Swan, Veterinary Technician


After her career as a Financial Analyst at Georgian College in Barrie, Sharon enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Georgian.  Given her love of animals it was a natural choice for her to choose this path. 

Her place has always been home to many cats, dogs and horses.  As well as domestic animals she has an interest in wildlife, having earned a Certificate in Wildlife Rehabilitation.  Over the years she has fostered numerous cats and dogs, as well as one horse, some of which turned out to be permanent fosters. 

After graduation while working at a local clinic she was introduced to the sport of dog agility which has become her passion.  As well as agility her hobbies include snowshoeing, hiking and gardening.  She lives on 26 acres with her 2 cats, Gracie and Edith Mae Morris and her shelties Gforce and Javelin.

Debbie Gilbert, Practice Manager


Debbie was born and raised in Barrie. Her career has been varied including running her own business, owning and operating a franchise, Executive Director of a local charity, and working in senior administrative positions in education and family mental health. She splits her time at Martin’s Mobile Veterinary Services with being a real estate entrepreneur and rental housing provider.

Debbie has grown up with pets, and has always owned multiple pets in her adult years. An interest in serving the community along side remarkable service dogs led to several years as a volunteer, admin staff, Board member and then Executive Director of a local charity that empowers students in the training of service dogs for people with disabilities.

Dr. Martin has been Debbie’s vet since he began in general practice in Barrie, and her husband since 2015. Today, they enjoy the company of two delightful cats, Rosie and Easton, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, crowned Miss Taylor, and a small mix-breed therapy dog in training, Mr. Stuart Little.